A Foundation With Deep Roots

Theodore R. Johnson and his wife, Vivian Chesley Macleod Johnson, placed great faith in education as a means to help people improve their lives. This was based in part, on personal experience. Mr. Johnson worked his way through college and, after joining United Parcel Service in the early 1920s, obtained an MBA at night school. He rose to the position of Vice President of Labor Relations at UPS. He believed strongly in the company and bought shares at every opportunity.

Achieving great success, Mr. Johnson felt that he had been lucky in life and he wanted to use his wealth to help people who were less fortunate. Through the establishment of the Johnson Scholarship Foundation, Mr. and Mrs. Johnson sought to help future generations of deserving people obtain education.

Mr. Johnson died in 1993 and his son, Theodore R. Johnson, Jr., became the Foundation’s second President. Under his leadership, the Foundation made important advances in the areas of investment management, grant programs and governance. Aided by a public offering of UPS shares, the Foundation’s resources tripled between 1993 and 1999.

The increase in Foundation assets provided the opportunity for many new grant programs, which were created during the tenure of Mr. Johnson. Among the most notable of these are the Tribal College Entrepreneurship Scholarship Program and the MBA in American Indian Entrepreneurship, programs that exemplify the Foundation’s desire to assist deserving people and a belief in education as a means to help people to succeed in life

As Ted Johnson, Jr. and two other founding members of the Board retired in 2001, Malcolm Macleod, the nephew of Vivian Macleod Johnson, became the Foundation’s third President.

Theodore R. Johnson

Theodore R. Johnson